Over 55 years of remarkable standing in indenting business


1952: Start-up Phase

Just as a rich fabric begins as a humble thread, journey was started in the year 1952 under the magnificent flagship of Aftab Jawaid & Co. (AJC).

1975 - 1990: Growth Phase

Due to growth experienced within AJC, sub-divisions were made with respect to the market segments, in order to become more market focused.

1990: Incorporation of Seenqaaf Division

As a part of the diversification strategy, Seenqaaf division was incorporated within AJC.

1999: Incorporation of Separate Seenqaaf Entity

As a result of tremendous growth within Seenqaaf division itself, strategic decision was made to make Seenqaaf division as a separate entity, namely, Seenqaaf Industrial Co.